AVI Land Corporation is pursuing an Outline Plan and Land Use Redesignation for Osprey Hill, a new proposed residential neighbourhood in west Calgary.

The purpose of this website is to share information and collect feedback from interested stakeholders and community members on the proposed development.

About the Project

Project Timeline

Project Vision

  • The proposed development anticipates approximately 355 units or roughly 1,065 residents at full build-out.
  • The anticipated density is 8.6 units per acre (UPA) (21.4 units per hectare).
  • The Calgary West Area Structure Plan requires of a minimum of 8 UPA (20 units per hectare)
  • The neighbourhood is anticipated to develop over three phases.
  • 24% of the total land will be provided for open space by preserving natural ravines, providing walking paths and play areas within formal parks.
  • All ravines will remain in their natural state.


A Global Transportation Study prepared for Shape Properties, a landowner to the west, indicated that the future 1 Avenue, with improvements to Crestmont Boulevard at the new Valley Ridge interchange, will be able to accommodate 600 units from this parcel alone.

The project team attempted to secure 1st Avenue as an all-access route into Winsport complete with services, however, were unsuccessful. We wish to continue discussions with the City of Calgary, Winsport, and Alberta Transportation regarding allowing full vehicle access.  Currently emergency access and pedestrian access is allowed.  Please leave a comment if you support full access.

  • The plan includes paved local pathways through the neighbourhood and a regional pathway along 1 Avenue for bicyclist and pedestrians.
  • Graveled trails will be available to provide access to the treed and natural areas.
  • Play areas will be built within flatter areas of the site.

  • Utilities will tie into existing services along the Trans-Canada Highway.
  • Existing water, sewer and stormwater lines have sufficient capacity to accommodate this neighbourhood.
  • Stormwater will be collected with an on-site pond with flow-through to the Greenwich trunk via the Alberta Transportation stormpond.

Policy Context

ASP Amendment

Proposed changes to the Area Structure Plan (ASP) include removing reference to “Policy Review” area and “Community Core” area.

Calgary West ASP Concept

Proposed Calgary West ASP Concept


  • Environmental studies have indicated that areas of policy review have already been disturbed by the existing development and is suitable for residential redevelopment.
  • “Community Core” area is meant for commercial development which is best addressed on the north side of 1st Avenue by a commercial landowner.

 Provide Input

AVI Land Corporation is committed to ensuring stakeholders and community members have access to timely information about the proposed development and an opportunity to provide feedback that will be considered alongside the City of Calgary’s review of the application.

Due to the public health situation related to COVID-19 and the Government of Alberta’s regulations around social distancing, we have developed this website to share information and collect feedback on the proposed development in lieu of an in-person public open house.

An online survey was available from September 22 to October 25, 2020 to collect input on the proposed development. 48 surveys were completed. Thank you to everyone who shared your feedback and comments. 

Please view the Engagement Summary below, which provides responses to all questions received and summarizes all feedback provided to the project team.

For questions or comments related to the project, please contact:

Tamille Beynon
Communications & Engagement Advisor



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For questions or comments related to the project, please contact:

Tamille Beynon
Communications & Engagement Advisor



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